Wabi Sabi Crystals

Wabi Sabi Crystals boutique is located in historic Paris, ON.


Here you can find a carefully-sourced selection of wellness lifestyle goods including:

  • crystals

  • jewelry

  • home decor

  • handcrafted body care products

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519 . 729 . 9549
  26 December 2020         CLOSED         PROVINCE-WIDE LOCKDOWN

Wabi Sabi Crystals will be closed for ALL purchases until Jan 13, 2021.
I will reopen on the 13th for curbside pickups ONLY until the end of the lockdown.


Thank you for understanding.    ~ Natalie

In the interest of safety,  only 4 people are allowed in the store at once. 
This will continue for one month and will be re-evaluated at that time.

Thank you for you understanding.    ~ Natalie

Wednesday - Saturday      11am - 5:30pm

Sunday                                by chance          


25 William Street, Paris, ON